Alice Florence Maxwell

Alice grew up in Portland, Maine, on December 12, 1941. She was the oldest of six children; all the other children were boys. Her childhood was impoverished; she often lived in dilapidated houses and apartments.
The first rebellious thing Alice did was one of the most important in her life. Her aunt Helen Slater convinced her to go across the country with her. This trip was in 1963, when she was almost 23 years old.

Soon after arriving in California in November, Alice went into a donut shop. The person that was working at the time was Clyde Hall. They fell in love and were married a week later in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clyde and Alice would have three boys while in Los Angeles. Clyde Jr. was born in August 1965, followed by Thomas in September 1967 and Michael in January 1970.

In 1972 Clyde and Alice were convinced by her family to move back to Portland, Maine, with their three sons. They moved in with her parents but soon discovered that Clyde did not get along with her family. They stayed in Portland and had another boy, John, in July of 1973. All their children would grow up in Portland. They grew up on Mayo St. until they all eventually moved out. Clyde and Alice stayed in the area until Clyde’s death in May 1994.

Alice continued living in the area for a while until she met a man online, Kenneth Love… not kidding… Love. She went on a trip to Ohio to meet him, against my advice; really, she meets a guy online and then goes to meet him. It was my mom, of course; I wouldn’t like it. 😊 Soon, she wrote a typewritten note to me that she wasn’t coming home. She didn’t sign it!!! I was beside myself. I needed to make sure she was ok. Fortunately, she called shortly after, and all was well.

In 2006 she married Kenneth; they moved from Ohio to Florida and then back to Ohio. She was with him until she died on November 14, 2012. She was happy with Ken, the happiest I had ever known her.

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