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Hall | Willis, Maxwell, Slater  | Malcomb, Green, Boyatt, Cloudman | Lough, Vandevender, Warner, Miller, Foster, Ulch, Loveitt

The Family

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The big websites for ancestry tracking are great, but they often do not contain information that is easily accessible.  This site includes a deep dive into some family’s and provides a different view, all with references as I can.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you see any errors, have any questions, or have some information you want to share.

It all starts with me!

The First Family's

Hall Family

George Thomas Hall

Willis Family

Paul Sylvester Willis

Maxwell Family

Charles Ralph Maxwell Sr.

Slater Family

Adelbert Theodore Slater Sr.
(1861 - 1924)

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The Next Family's

Malcomb Family

Francis Homer Malcomb

Green Family

Florence Irene Green
(1895 - 1953)

Boyatt Family

Lewis Harvey Boyatt

Cloudman Family

Alice Belle Cloudman

Lough Family


Warner Family

Miller Family

Unknown Family

Foster Family

Rachel Foster

Ulch Family

Loveitt Family

Family's in History

Special Family Stories

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